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65 years of service as prosthodontists

Dr. Gregory Guichet & Dr. David Guichet of Providence Prosthodontics Dental Group, were recognized by the American College of Prosthodontists for their¬†“combine” 65 continuous years of service in prosthodontics.

Dr. Gregory Guichet (35 years of experience) was the chair of the ACP Division of Private Practice for three years. Dr. Gregory had a very successful role as the Private Practice Division Chair. During his tenure there were several initiatives that he fostered, and his management skills and leadership abilities were naturally helpful to the college during his tenure. When his term ended he introduced the ACP leadership to Dr. David Guichet.

Dr. David Guichet (30 years of experience) was then elected to the ACP Board as Director of the Pacific Region for two years and became the chair of the Committee for the Surgical Prosthodontist, there he initiated the ACP Bone grafting course. Later, he was nominated to the chair of the Division of Continuing Professional Education for six years, at that time he initiated the ACP Digital Dentistry Symposium which has had an international lineup for the last four years.

Congratulations Dr. Gregory Guichet and Dr. David Guichet!

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