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Providence Prosthodontics Dental Group has been serving families and individuals for decades. When it comes to preventative and cosmetic dentistry, our staff is one of the most dedicated in the field. We provide the teeth cleanings, orthodontic procedures, and decay prevention treatments that will ensure the shine in your smile lasts for countless years!

Santa Ana dentist Dr. Gregory Guichet is the invaluable talent in our team that propels us to deliver outstanding care each and every day. He is experienced and certified in multiple disciplines such as TMJ, orthodontics, general dentistry, Invisalign, and more. After experiencing our services, numerous patients have cited our team as one of the best resources for high quality dental care and expertise.

Access to preventative dentistry is not always convenient for many people, but our team maintains a flexible schedule that is designed to serve your needs at any moment and circumstance. Whether you’re experiencing an emergency situation or persistent problem, our team possesses an array of specializations that can provide your solution.

Looking your best includes having an amazing smile and we’re ready to provide you one when you contact our office. Whether you’re arriving from Santa Ana or Villa Park, we proudly serve patients from all corners of the region!