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Preventative dentist Dr. Gregory Guichet sets his priorities on providing outstanding orthodontic and TMJ care to every patient in the Orange County area. With numerous decades of experience in these advanced treatments, Dr. Guichet has consistently helped patients recover from persistent jaw pain and enjoy a glimmering smile.

If you’re teeth are showering you with constant pain and distracting visuals, then experience the talented work of the professionals at Providence Prosthodontics Dental Group!

Our TMJ procedures meet your expectations by emphasizing comfort, customization, and safety as an integral part of our care. Various patients that have experienced our services have constantly cited the successful and gratifying results we provide. As a member of the American Prosthodontics Society, Villa Park dentist Dr. Guichet is the key component of our team that allows us to create the superb care we specialize in!

We possess the most advanced technology and tools to provided comprehensive orthodontic treatments. When misaligned teeth are hampering your smile, it is difficult to find the confidence to showcase them to your friends and family. With our expertise in this area, you can restore every piece of your confidence back into your smile!
If you’re experiencing discomfort with your jaw or neck area, then a visit to our office can be a great choice to make. We look forward to helping you find your smile!