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Dr. Guichet speaks on Digital Dentistry at World Summit Tour 2017

This summer Dr. David Guichet from Providence Prosthodontics spoke about Digital Dentistry at the World Summit Tour 2017 in San Diego to the worlds leading dental professionals. The World Summit Tour is a dynamic, scientific congress on the latest in state of the art dentistry focusing on dental implantation. On The World Summit Tour, dental professionals share with their colleagues the latest innovations and scientific knowledge in dentistry as well as inspiration and passion for the field.









As a leader in his field, Dr. Guichet was asked to speak about innovations in Digital Dentistry and it’s future. His commitment to education and understanding of groundbreaking innovation in implant dentistry inspired his platform.









Digital Dentistry refers to a large scope of dental technology that uses computer-controlled devices rather than mechanical. For implant dentistry, this can include the design and creation of surgical guides, digital radiography, laser dentistry, digital x-rays and much more. It can provide improved proficiency and accuracy as well as give more definitive outcomes.









As scientific research progresses, digital dentistry will only rapidly expand in its use in dental offices everywhere making Dr. Guichet’s presentation extremely vital and informational for the dental community.

If you have any questions about digital dentistry and how it can be utilized in your next dental procedure, please contact Providence Prosthodontics Dental Group for more information at (714) 771-7555.